Image Uploader with Editing

A JavaScript library for uploading images using drag & drop. Crop, rotate, resize, or shrink your image before uploading.

An easy-to-use image editor in the browser.

Available as a plugin for Imperavi's Redactor, too!

ImagerJs is a platform-independent, web-based JavaScript Image Uploader that is very easy to use.

Here's a short video showing how to edit and upload an image using our image uploader library:

  • ImagerJs is a feature-rich JavaScript library that offers image uploading and editing capabilities across modern web browsers.
  • ImagerJs makes editing images and uploading them very easy.
  • ImagerJs is pure JavaScript and runs completely in the browser.
  • ImagerJs can be used on any web page with just a single line of code. Add it to your web page and have an easy-to-use image uploader in only two minutes.
  • ImagerJs can be used right out of the box using its default configuration.
  • ImagerJs can be fully customized to your needs.