How to use ImagerJs

Usage as a Redactor Plugin

  • Select ImagerJs from Redactor's toolbar.
  • A popup appears that lets you select a file or offers you a drop zone.
Selecting an image.
  • Once the image has been loaded, you can modify and edit the image just like you would use the standalone version.
Modify your image before inserting it into Redactor.
  • After editing the image you can insert it by clicking on button Insert.
Insert your image into Redactor.

Float the ImagerJs in Redactor's Textarea

  • Click on the Properties icon provided by ImagerJs.
  • Select Floating from the dropdown menu and click on Apply.
Change the properties of the image.
  • Click on the Move Image button in toolbar and hold down the mouse button while moving the image.
A floating image is going to be moved.
  • Release the mouse button to place the image at the target position.
A floating image is moved.
  • Click into Redactors textarea to fix image.
A floating image is inserted.