Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need your image uploader?

Our JavaScript image uploader library enables you to edit an image before uploading on client side and to upload the edited image to your server or any storage without writing a single line of code. Just drag an image and drop it to ImagerJs’ drop area to start. Or click ‘Select File’ button which will be more appropriate on touch devices. Then a bunch of tools are offered to edit the image for cropping, rotating or shrinking.

Can I change the appearance of your imager uploader and translate the tooltips to my language?

Yes, you can modify the appearance of ImagerJs using the configuration object. Our JavaScript image uploader can be used both on desktops and on touch devices. The configuration distinguishes between these two environments and optimizes toolbars, context menus, and object controls accordingly. All menu items, tooltips, and buttons are fully localized — just add a file with your translations or modifications.

Where are the images being saved?

Our JavaScript library can be configured to save the image in various places. For example, you can define a custom function that is called whenever the canvas element needs to save its data. You can then upload the canvas data to your server, for instance, or store it locally within an in-browser database like PouchDB or HTML5 LocalStorage.

What are the requirements for your image uploader library?

ImagerJs does not depend on any JavaScript libraries or frameworks, so it should work with any HTML or JavaScript framework.
For example, we are using ImagerJs in our upcoming cloud-based, cross-platform application for organizing and sharing notes, TheNoteTank.

Why does inserted image has larger size than file?

For editing features we are using the HTML Canvas Element. After selecting a file it is drawn on the canvas element. And the only thing we have here are pixels. The original image can have it’s own encoding parameters for quality, but that means nothing when you paint it on canvas. Here you can find further informations: Stackoverflow – Canvas increases file size if image.